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What's new in v12.

Enhancements to of Xenon v12 include:

  • The Power of true 64-bit Architecture: In this new era of technology memory constraints cease to exist. Our latest upgrade to 64-bit processing paves the way for unprecedented availability of RAM, facilitating the effortless handling of voluminous assemblies.
  • Enhanced ACIS Prowess: The ACIS 3D modeling engine has been turbocharged. Experience hyper-accurate modeling at supersonic speed, as we have fine-tuned the algorithms for higher efficiency and precision.
  • Latest File Translation Support: We’ve forged new lines of communication to the most recent versions of DWG, DXF, 3DM, SAT, STEP, IGS and Parasolids (X_T, X_B), boosting compatibility and interoperability within your design ecosystem.
  • Dizzying Redraw Speeds: Hold on tight for a speed revolution. Enjoy redraw speeds up to 350% faster on Windows and an astonishing 1000% boost on macOS for heavy models. Performance is no longer a luxury, but a given.
  • 3D Navigation Devices Integration: Welcome full-scale support of the latest SpaceMouse, SpaceNavigator, SpaceController, and SpacePilot devices, drivers and operating systems.
  • Smoothed Dual Monitor Support: We’ve ironed out the kinks for dual monitors, rectifying issues with application window sizing (MOD-495), retina/non-retina mix (MOD-1129), and Phong MTS display (MOD-1343). Your workflow on multiple screens is about to become as smooth as silk.
  • High-Resolution Display Compatibility: Our trio of 3D Modeling applications are now fine-tuned for visual harmony with your Retina displays on macOS and HiDPI displays on Windows. No more blurred or fuzzy application windows. Enjoy crystal clear visuals, even when dragging the application across different types of displays.
  • Augmented VC6 Import Support: We’ve leveled up on VC6 import capabilities, adding much anticipated support for hatches, fills, dimensions and layer colors.
  • Enhanced Security: Fend off vicious malware specifically crafted to masquerade as friendly file types. We’ve rooted out potential vulnerabilities and blocked them so you can open CO, XE, AR, IGES, SAT, 3DS, X_T and X_B files with confidence.
  • Enhanced Unicode Support: Feel free to work with files bearing Unicode symbols in the name or path, when opening, saving, importing or exporting. Our extended Unicode support also applies to text objects.

Minor Enhancements of v12 include:

  • Drafting Assistant Color. To change the color of Drafting Assistant hints use Preferences - Colors - Foreground color.
  • Parasolid Support on macOS. macOS users can now import and export Parasolid formats *.X_T and *.X_B.
  • Faster Way to Change Units. We've introduced a feature allowing you to swiftly change units via the coordinate labels on the Status Line. By left-clicking on these labels, a context menu with different units will appear.
  • "Show Children" in Show-Hide. Clicking on the "Show Children" button will show all objects that are based on the selected object.
  • Importing High-Resolution Images. We've enhanced our support to better handle large images during the import process. In the past, high-resolution images (like PNG, JPG, etc.) were downscaled to a maximum of 2048 pixels, which compromised image quality. Starting with version 12, you can now maintain the original quality of the image (we've tested up to 30066x15185 px) by having the system automatically split the image into 2048x2048 px tiles.
  • "Color per Face" Option. In the "Shade Options" dialog, we've introduced a new checkbox titled "Color per Face (Slower)". This option allows users to toggle color-per-face rendering on or off. Be aware, however, that enabling this feature can substantially slow down screen redraw speeds for complex 3D models.
  • Performance Metrics. In Preferences - Display it is now possible to check the "Show performance metrics" to display information about framerate, frame time, and render resolution.
  • User Views Window. We've introduced a "User Views" window for managing custom views. You can access this feature via menu View > User View > More… Within the "User Views" window, you can add, remove, and reorder views. To change the view, simply double-click an item or click the checkmark button.

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