Ashlar-Vellum CAD and 3D Modeling software customers have a lot to say about using it with 3D Printers:

Cobalt™ software is kind of a no sweat deal into 3D printing. It looks like it’s a piece of cake.

Jim Colwell

Xenon™ is basically the only tool I use for 3D printing. It’s almost seamless. I like Xenon the way works. I think it’s much more intuitive than many of your competitors. I realized that I was going to need some software to drive the MakerBot. I found it to be really well suited to that sort of effort. Precision is really important. I’m designing objects that are visual. I’ve run into really no issues at all.

Stephen Chininis

Xenon and the 3D printer definitely complement each other. I pretty much just get right in the program and start my design within there because it’s so easy to go back and make changes to things that you’ve done in the past. Ashlar’s products work well from having more of an artistic background rather than an engineering background.

Richard Shannon

It’s a good combination with Cobalt and the 3D printer. You can model, remodel and sometimes you print a part to have it in your hands, to check the dimensions, the feeling and how it looks. Then you think about it. You sleep a night, and then another day you remodel it and print it again until you have the perfect part that fits.

Walter Arnold

Xenon does exactly what I need. I don’t need to have it specify a bolt size. What I do need to be able to do is just build and then tweak and then pull a more complicated shapes.

Steven Reiss

I’ve tried some other things over time, but I’ve gotten so used to [Xenon] that I’m getting old and new interfaces annoy me.

Richard Sears

Argon™ helped me lay it out in 3D because I know how to model in it as opposed to a Cinema 4D, Maya, those types of graphic 3D rendering programs.

Randy Savage