CAD and 3D Modeling

Ashlar-Vellum CAD and 3D Modeling products include:

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2D/3D Drafting 3D Modeling

Ashlar-Vellum Product Chart

Features Graphite
Subs 1 yr.
Subs 1 yr.
Subs 1 yr.
Subs 1 yr.
Subs 1 yr.
Integrated Design Environment: &Wires, Surfaces, Solids    
2D & 3D Production Drafting  
Associative Parametrics      
Geometric- & Equation-driven Parametrics      
Detail and Auxiliary Views    
Section Views      
Associativity & Work Flow History      
3D Rendering, Visualization
& Animation
Associative Assembly Tools      
Bill of Materials    
CAM/RPT Output 2D 2D 2D/3D 2D/3D 2D/3D
Mechanical Parts Library 2D   3D    
Geometric Dimensioning
& Tolerancing (GDT)