Want a competitive design advantage?
Get an edge with a CAD or 3D modeling upgrade.

Upgrade your Ashlar-Vellum CAD or 3D Modeling software and get the competitive edge you need to succeed. From its inception, Ashlar’s mission has been to cater to the real-world designer’s ultimate needs and wants. Staying true to that mission, the Ashlar-Vellum team has worked hard to give you faster time to market, minimum headache, more profitability. So don’t let the competition get a leg up in today’s competitive markets. Contact us to find out how you can get the edge.

CAD and 3D Modeling Upgrade Options

Ashlar-Vellum is committed to helping you retain the investment that you’ve made in your software.

Want the latest and greatest? Upgrade now to keep current and have the greatest productivity with your software.

Upgraded to a new Mac or Windows operating system? Sorry, we can’t support new hardware that wasn’t even conceived when your old software version was released. But our reasonable upgrade pricing makes it an this nominal cost of doing business.

Missed an upgrade? No problem. Unlike other companies in our industry who make you start over if you miss more than two upgrades, Ashlar-Vellum retains significant upgrade value as far back as 10 years.

Want to step up to a higher level product? Again, no problem. We’ll let you retain a great deal of your original investment as you grow into our upper level software programs.

Need to know which one of our current products best fits you? We’ve got answers. Click here to see which product is right for you.

Click on the version that you now own to see all of your options to upgrade to the various products in our line, and the benefits that each offers.

Upgradable Legacy Pirate
Cobalt v11 Cobalt v7 Vellum Pro
Cobalt v10 Cobalt v6 DraftBoard
Cobalt v9 Cobalt v5  
Cobalt v8 Cobalt v4  
Xenon v11 Xenon v7  
Xenon v10 Xenon v6  
Xenon v9 Xenon v5  
Xenon v8 Xenon v4  
Argon v11 Argon v7  
Argon v10 Argon v6  
Argon v9 Argon v5  
Argon v8 Argon v4  
Graphite v12 Graphite v7  
Graphite v11 Graphite v6  
Graphite v10    
Graphite v9    
Graphite v8 Vellum Solids  
  Vellum 3D 4+  
  Vellum 3D v2 & v3  
  Vellum 2D  
  Vellum Draft  

Want to upgrade from a competitive product?

We offer discounts to upgrade from many other CAD or 3D modeling product. Click here to investigate your options then call the Ashlar-Vellum sales office 1 800 877 2745 ext 1 for pricing.