Technical Support Options

Ashlar-Vellum offers a range of free and paid technical support through email, telephone and our website for CAD and 3D modeling software on both Mac and Windows. The Knowledgebase on our website as well as the Articles and Hot Topics & FAQs under the Support menu are an excellent place to look for commonly asked questions. If you’re having trouble with registration codes, click here.

Starting a Support Ticket

Our online ticketing system is the key to accessing our support staff. All technical support should start with a support ticket submitted via email either through the software at Help>Submit Support Ticket or from our website or sent directly to

In any communication be certain to include your serial number, the exact version of our software you are using, the OS you are on, and some alternate method of contacting you should we find our emails are not getting through to you.

A support ticket provides:

  • An organized place to view all correspondence related to a ticket by both you the customer and our support staff.
  • Customer control and a medium to see if our return correspondence is not getting through via email because of blocked ISPs.
  • Quick communications, especially helpful for:
    • Long file names, download links and registration codes which are difficult to type or give over the telephone.
    • An electronic link for screen-sharing through the Internet.
    • Monitoring issues by our product and corporate management and development teams.

Each new issue requires a new ticket number. Calling without a ticket number will not result in faster service via telephone because our staff cannot put you into the phone queue without a ticket number.

Purchasing a Support Voucher

Free technical support is available via email or telephone to those who have purchased a new license or an upgrade in the past 90 days, or who are on rental or ASAP support subscription.

Free email support is available to those on the current version or one version back. Telephone support is available for those versions with a support voucher of US $39 per issue and can be purchased on the support pages of our website or directly through our support department.

Those with older versions that are not yet obsolete (purchased less than 10 years ago) may pay for support via email for US $29.00 or telephone for US $39.00 by purchasing the appropriate voucher from our website or over the telephone.

File translation services start at US $39.00 per file with aggressive discounts offered for more than 10 files. Programming of hardware keys and reinstallation assistance are also available. See the chart on the next page for details. Emergency support and project consulting are available on a limited basis. Contact Ashlar-Vellum directly in this matter.

Support Voucher US $29.00 Buy
Email Support for all Supported Versions
Support Voucher US $39.00 Buy
Telephone Support for all Supported Versions
File Translation Voucher US $39.00 Buy
File Translation services per file