Unleash your Creative Genius with Ashlar-Vellum Training

Whether you’re a seasoned Vellum™ loyalist or only just beginning to understand what you have at your fingertips, a highly skilled Ashlar-Vellum training professional will help you quickly take advantage of the extreme power behind our CAD & 3D modeling design solutions.

You’ll learn in a cordial environment with friendly, hands-on assistance and tutoring. Our people are only too happy to tailor tutoring to specific areas where you want to improve your skill, or even help you work out the kinks in your actual designs.

Get a fast return on your investment and learn little known techniques to design without limitation. Come and discover possibilities and move to the next level of professionalism as you take on skills and abilities you never imagined possible.

Ashlar-Vellum Training enables you to:

  • Get a quicker return on your investment by advancing your skill and tuning up your speed.
  • Expand creative potential by utilizing the sheer power of your Ashlar-Vellum software.

Bring a project — we’ll help you see all that it could be. Bring a challenge — we dare you to try and stump our software!

Classes are scheduled to accommodate customer needs. Please contact Ashlar-Vellum to arrange a training date that’s convenient.

3-Day Classes Offered by Ashlar-Vellum

Getting Started in 3D Modeling. Ashlar-Vellum Getting Started Class.
No previous experience is needed for this three-day class that will start at the beginning of 3D modeling and will leave you productively creating manufacturable models, complete with precision drawings and presentation renderings.

  • Intro to the Vellum® interface and preference settings.
  • Understanding and using the Drafting Assistant.
  • In depth use of all tools.
  • General 3D modeling approaches and techniques.
  • Generating 2D drawings from 3D models and adding dimensions.
  • Intro to rendering.

Advanced Training in 3D Modeling. Ashlar-Vellum Advanced Class.
Take your modeling experience to the next level with techniques for creating more complex parts, manufacturable free-form surfaces, and sophisticated presentations that really sell your ideas. (Prerequisite: Getting Started Class and 3 months experience using Ashlar-Vellum modeling software or the equivalent.)

  • Strategies for modeling complex shapes.
  • Advanced free-form surfacing techniques.
  • Working with and controlling tangency of surfaces.
  • Workaround techniques for difficult modeling situations including complex blending, chamfering, shelling, Boolean operations and stitching surfaces into solids.
  • Lighting and scene set-up for photo-rendering.
  • Creating realistic rendering textures.
  • Applying decals for logos and imagery on objects including graphics for watch faces, LCD displays, labels, etc.
  • Creating animations including QuickTime VR, fly-bys and walk-throughs.
  • Outputting 3D models in new 3D web formats.

Graphite Classes for Beginner to Advanced. Ashlar-Vellum Graphite Class.
Whether you’re new to Graphite or have been using Ashlar-Vellum products for years, this comprehensive course will boost your productivity.

  • Graphite Basics - The fundamentals of how Graphite thinks and works.
  • The Tool Palette - A look at the more obscure yet powerful tools in Graphite.
  • Creating 2D Drawings - The creation of finished, scaled and annotated drawings.
  • Creating 3D Wire Frame Models - Understanding the concepts of working in 3D space.

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Cancellation Policy

Registration fees are non-refundable, however, payments may be transferred to another class date or to another person.